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Selected Publications
Refereed articles

Ferdman, A. (2022), Bowling alone in the autonomous vehicle: the ethics of well-being in the driverless car, AI & Society,

Ferdman, A. (2021). Well-being and mobility: A new perspective, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 146 (44-55). Download copy

Ferdman, A. (2020). Corporate Ownership of Automated Vehicles: Discussing Potential Negative Externalities, Transport Reviews 40(1), 95-113. Download Copy

Ferdman, A. (2019). Walking and Its Contribution to Objective Well-being. Journal of Planning Education and Research.

Ferdman, A. (2019). A Perfectionist Basic Structure. Philosophy & Social Criticism, 45(7),) 862–882 .

Ferdman, A. (2018). Perfectionist Public Space: A Political Philosophy Approach. Space and Polity, 22(1), 30-49

Ferdman, A. (2018). Should We Care about Neutrality in the City? Urban Research and Practice, 11(1), 1-18.

Ferdman, A. (2018). Why the Intrinsic Goodness of Public Goods Matters. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 21(5), 661-676.

Ferdman, A. and Kohn, M. (2018). The Theory and Politics of Solidarity and Public Goods, ​Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 21(5), 545-553

Ferdman, A. (2017). From Inevitable Establishment to Mutual Exclusion: The Challenge for Liberal Neutrality. Public Reason, 9(1-2). Link

Levine-Schnur, R. and Ferdman, A. (2015). On the Just Distribution of Land Use Rights, The Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, 28(2), 317–342.

Ferdman, A., Shefer, D., and Bekhor, S. (2008). Land Use Variables in Trip Generation Models: The Case of Light Rail Transit in Tel Aviv. In: F. Bruinsma, E. Pels, H. Priemus, P. Rietveld, and B. van Wee, eds. Railway Development, Impacts on Urban Dynamics. Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag, 385–413.


Ferdman, A. and Kohn, M. (2021). Solidarity and Public Goods, Routledge: New York.


Ferdman, Avigail, 2015. Place: the Heritage for Future Generations, Placemaking in Israel, Policy paper of the Urban Clinic at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in Hebrew. Link

Misgav, Chen and Avigail Ferdman, “Peter Marcuse in ‘Bet Ha’am’”, Tel Aviv University Philosophy Students’ Journal, vol. 1, 2012, in Hebrew.

Aviram, Haim, and Avigail Ferdman. 2010. “Economic Criteria of Introducing a New Transit Station.” Transport Policy. Link

Bennenson, Itzhak, Yodan Rofe, Karel Martens, Avigail Ferdman, Einat Meged and Ariela Kwartler, Measuring Accessibility to Jobs and Services as a Means to Reduce Social Gaps, Report for the Ministry of Science, September 2008, in Hebrew. Link

Ferdman, Avigail and Yasha J. Grobman, "Thinking of Jerusalem in 2050, the Winners of "Just Jerusalem" Competition", Il Giornale Dell' Architecttura, April, 2008, in Italian.

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